South Asia Field Recordings

August 18, 2010

François-Emmanuel Fodéré - Sounds and images from India After spending a month in India, French phonographist spent a day in November 2009 wandering the streets of Bangalore before he caught his plane back to Paris. The end result is François-Emmanuelle Fodéré‘s Sounds and Images from India (TOP-40). For the geographically challenged Bangalore is one of the largest cities in southern India and lies 200 miles east the Indian Ocean and 200 miles east of the Bay of Bengali. The 25-minute track is a continuous work of Fodéré walking around and near a market place. Some great sounds from modern day and other sounds seemingly from ancient times. If nothing else, you should check out the artist’s MySpace blog for an informative look at the past World Listening Day.

Caludo Curciotti - Nepalese: Sounds from NepalTravelling north some 1300 miles, an Italian sound artist takes us to the country hidden by the Himalayas, Nepal, with Caludo Curciotti’s Nepalese: Sounds from Nepal (Impulsive Habit). I have listened to some field recordings where the artists makes a montage of various recordings and melds them as one. Curciotti presents us with 23 tracks averaging 2 minutes each to give us a glimpse to various aspect of a Neplatitan’s (?) life from street parades to prayers and ping pong to fields. Also with the download comes a beautiful pdf format book of photogrpahs taken by Eleanora Trani, some quite exquisite.

Artist: François-Emmanuel Fodéré
Title: Sounds and images from India
Netlabel: TOP-40
Release Date: 21 July 2010
Download mp3: mp3
Listen: Click on mp3 below

Track: 01. Bangalore, November 14th, 2009 (mp3)

Artist: Caludo Curciotti
Title: Nepalese: Sounds from Nepal
Netlabel: Impulsive Habit
Release Date: 15 August 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: Click on the mp3s below

Tracks: 01. Night watchman (mp3), 02. Prayer flags (mp3), 03. Tibetan hit (mp3), 04. Losar sound (mp3), 05. 5 A.M. pray number 2 (mp3), 06. On the road 2 (mp3), 07. Street parade (mp3), 08. Monks privée (mp3), 09. Clock quartetto (mp3), 10. Bucolico instant noodles (mp3), 11. Tamang’s Losar (mp3), 12. Strike sight seen (mp3), 13. Field Nepal (mp3), 14. Tamang’s Losar Band (mp3), 15. Wedding scratch (mp3), 16. 5 A.M. pray number 3 (mp3), 17. 5 A.M. pray number 1 (mp3), 18. Ping pong and bells (mp3), 19. Unknown (mp3), 20. Main Stage (mp3), 21. Horn Bay (mp3), 22. The valley 2 (mp3), and 23. Dori! (mp3).

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