Entia Non – Dead Blue Horizon

August 17, 2010

Entia Non - Dead Blue HorizonAfter a tough day a work and coming home to a sick child, sometimes trying to get blogging in is a difficult thing. But on the way home I came across Entia Non‘s Dead Blue Horizon (Audio Gourmet). It was just the thing as I drove along the back roads that periodically touched the river beds. And now its bed time and I haven’t still written anything, but a look over my playlist from today brought me back to Dead Blue Horizon. James McDougall aka Entia Non isn’t a stranger to me — okay, maybe McDougall is — but Entia Non is not, due to several releases on test tube and Resting Bell. Entia Non’s latest work on Audio Gourmet is short, a mere 15 minutes, and it hugs the shores “ambient noise” though it leans heavily towards the ambient side. A great work and what was needed for this listener at this specific time.

Artist: Entia Non
Title: Dead Blue Horizon
Netlabel: Audio Gourmet
Release Date: 11 July 2010
Download: Visit Website
Listen: Click down below

Tracks: 01. Penultimate Teather, 02. When The Land Settles You, and 03. Nicklin’s Gate.

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