The Beige Channel – Palace of Gathered Elegance

August 16, 2010

The Beige Channel - The Palace of Gathered EleganceOne of the albums that is getting a lot of play in the internet is Mensa’s Moorland which is deservedly so. Heck, I even finally wrote about it the other day. The Beige Channel‘s The Palace of Gathered Elegance (Cyclene) is a similar album, though a bit more personal and equally as good. In the liner notes, Michael Farley aka The Beige Channel writes:

In August of 2009, our family traveled to Beijing, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong while on our second adoption journey. I made field recordings along the way. During the fall, I edited, layered, mixed and processed portions of the recordings for these 9 compositions.

The field recordings combined with the electronic manipulations  (as well as some electric guitar) make this record somber but always interesting. Don’t let this one slip by.

Artist: The Beige Channel
Title: The Palace of Gathered Elegance
Netlabel: Cyclene
Release Date: 22 July 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: m3u

Tracks: 01. Smile World (mp3), 02. Don’t Lose Special (mp3), 03. TMT Yours (mp3), 04. Energy Is Coming From Everywhere All The Time (mp3), 05. Forever Love You Funny Life Scat Girls (mp3), 06. Time Of A Snack, Delicious, Give Me A Lot More (mp3), 07. She Has Great Taste (mp3), 08. I Will Wait For You Here As Long As You Need Me To (mp3), and 09. Most of the Time Game Moves (mp3).

One Response to “The Beige Channel – Palace of Gathered Elegance”

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