[Mizantrop] – Mental Illness

August 14, 2010

[Mizantrop] - Mental IllnessSometimes I can’t freaking fathom netlabels. A few weeks ago I downloaded  [Mizantrop]‘s Mental Illness (Umpako), which by the way is brilliant. So I’m listening to the album on my electronic portable listening device, getting ready to start writing, and figure I’d get some of the links together. Straight to the Google and I find the album . . . . but something is wrong, very wrong. [Mizantrop]’s Mental Illness was released two months ago on a a label I’ve never heard of, Subwise. Maybe [Mizantrop] wasn’t happy with number of downloads — 61 at the time of the writing — or maybe it was a joint release (which I doubt) or maybe . . . . I don’t freaking know. Maybe it’s something that happens all the time in the netlabel world and I’ve just noticed it now.

But I have digressed; enough with my diatribe and let me get on with the music. It’s a full hour of some great experimental music, each track is pushing the listener to pay attention and enjoy. Mental Illness is not for the faint of ear, some of these tracks border on noise, but if you like your music sometimes unencumbered by easy melodies and clever hooks, then this album has the edginess you would be looking for.

Artist: [Mizantrop]
Title: Mental Illness
Netlabel: Umpako / Subwise
Release Date: 16 June 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: m3u

Tracks: 01. Intro (mp3), 02. In The Sky (Clear Version) (mp3), 03. Epileptic Seizure (mp3), 04. HH (mp3), 05. Jack & His Xylophone (mp3), 06. Daddys Boy (mp3), 07. Hostile Intelligence (mp3), 08. Contact (mp3), 09. Metamorphoses (Feat. cmv Nightingale) (mp3), 10. One Day The Bell-Ringer (mp3), 11. Psychosis (mp3), 12. Northern Night (mp3), 13. Outsiders (Drill-N-Noise Terror) (Feat. S.U.) (mp3), 14. Requiem (mp3), 15. Dead Kids (Driller-Killer Party) (mp3), 16. St.Venetian (mp3), 17. Mechanical Beauty (mp3) 18. In The Sky (Feat. S.U.) (mp3), and 19. Outro (mp3).

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