ItsAllOneSong – MudDogs

August 3, 2010

ItsAllOneSong - MudDogsBecause I listen to lots of music, I hear some crap, okay, lots of crap. Many times the crap takes the form of ambient music with synthesizer drones mixed with environmental noises. ItsAllOneSong‘s MudDogs (Earth Mantra) is NOT one of these records. ItsAllOneSong aka Michael Moore gives his debut album a balance, a line between melancholy and beauty, which is found on only the best ambient works. It’s as if ItsAllOneSong knows the traps of ambient music and he skirts them with a discriminating ease — no, it’s not ease, it’s more of a freedom that is poised and expertly delivered. Each track is eloquent and, yet, unassuming. I truly look forward to his next work.

Artist: ItsAllOneSong
Title: MudDogs
Netlabel: Earth Mantra
Release Date: 10 July 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: m3u

Tracks: 01. Early Frost (mp3), 02. Watershed (mp3), 03. Mud Dogs (mp3), 04. Keys For Louise (mp3), 05. The Traveler (mp3), 06. Abysmal (mp3), 07. Just a Memory (mp3), and 08. The Fold (mp3).

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