Glamma Woods – Keepin It Steady

July 26, 2010

Glamma Woods - Keepin It SteadyXenharmonic music is, roughly, music that does not conform to the 12-tone scale we are so familar with. I’m no musicologist, so take what I wrote with a grain of salt, and you should probably do your own research. Glamma Woods’ Keepin It Steady (Dubbhism) is a dub album in xenharmonic style. Now given the strangeness of the construction of the music, let’s throw in there that Keepin It Steady is an ode to absinthe. As the web page says, “It’s said to be hallucinogenic but it’s not! Absinthe actually causes a kind of ‘lucid drunkenness’ . . .” Keepin It Steady is the sort of work that I can see in my iPod when lying at the edge of the pool, deeply relaxing yet with the layer of funk all about.

Artist: Glamma Woods
Title: Keepin It Steady
Netlabel: Dubbhism
Release Date: 09 July 2010
Download mp3: rar
Listen: See below

Tracks: 01. Angular Banjos, 02. Burlesque, 03. Tension, 04. Tai Chi, 05. The Circuit Whisperer, 06. Swiss Timing, and 07. Close Shave (Hot Towel Mix)


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