Clicks and Errors – Klimakapsel

July 25, 2010

Clicks and Errors - KlimakapselClicks and ErrorsKlimakapsel (Phonocake) is a skillful blend of samples and electronica whether the samples come from scanners or rap albums or the beats take precedence or the melody does.  Clicks and Errors was able to make these four tracks a whole entity — flowing into each other — and, yet, the tracks can stand by themselves. If the account scrobbling hadn’t flaked out today, you’d see how much I’ve been enjoying Klimakapsel. You should be enjoying it as well.

Artist: Clicks and Errors
Title: Klimakapsel
Netlabel: Phonocake
Release Date: 10 July 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: m3u

Tracks: 01. Polarized (mp3), 02. Rain May (mp3), 03. Pale Cocoon (mp3), and 04. Phasen (mp3).

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