Paolinio Canzoneri – I Giorni Del Dimagrimento

July 20, 2010

Paolinio Canzoneri - I Giorni Del DimagrimentoPaolinio Canzoneri is an experimental artist from Sicily. His latest work I Giorni Del Dimagrimento (Petcord), a 20 minute, 6-track work,  is now available. By my count this is Canzoneri’s fourth solo release: 2 on CD and two on free netlabels, + 4 TNW (Brusio), as well as work in the duos Nested Error and his latest Wishcollapse that just released the ambient work Volume 1 (Webb Hand Records). The first track from I Giorni Del Dimagrimento, “Il Carillon Di Lenina” (mp3), alerts the listener that this isn’t any typical experimental netplay with a variety of sounds hitting one’s ears from the left and right channels and right smack between the eyes. Canzoneri’s keeps the listener’s interest throughout the work using the same tactics as the first track, though the strangeness and incongruities seem more subtle or maybe the music is now more comfortable for the listener.

Artist: Paolinio Canzoneri
Title: I Giorni Del Dimagrimento
Netlabel: Petcord
Release Date: 15 July 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: m3u

Tracks: 01. Il Carillon Di Lenina (mp3), 02. Pacchetti corrotti (mp3), 03. I Giorni Del Dimagrimento (mp3), 04. Grigi (mp3), 05. Trascorso (mp3), and 06. Insulina (mp3).

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