Thanato Twist & Oleg’s Sound System – Swing Nastication

July 16, 2010

Thanato Twist & Oleg's Sound System - Swing NasticationIf you are familiar with H.A.K. Records than Thanato Twist & Oleg’s Sound System’s Swing Nastication (Just Not Normal) is a work you’d appreciate as Thananto Twist & Oleg’s Sound System are really Ayato and Kortane Cortex. But, wait, Disruptive Platypus, I’m know nothing of this H.A.K. Records, why should I download Swing Nastication? I’ll ignore the first part of the question and move on the the last. If you enjoy improvised experimentation in a lo-fi IDM shell wrapped in oddities and curiosities than this is for you. BTW, Swing Nastification is a worthy successor to their first work as Thanato Twist & Oleg’s Sound System, Bailarin en la noche (Treetrunk).

Artist: Thananto Twist & Oleg’s Sound System
Title: Swing Nastication
Netlabel: Just Not Normal
Release Date: 07 July 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: m3u

Tracks: 01. Desert March (mp3), 02. Program Change (mp3), 03. Glitch-pitchy (mp3), 04. Noxious Nuggets  (mp3), 05. Soul Delicatessen (mp3), 06. 80′s Twisted Oleg’s Revenge (mp3), 07. Whimsical Resurrection Dub (mp3), 08. Nuclear Nub (mp3), 09. Incantation (mp3), and 10. Rising at the Rill (mp3).

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