MENNI – Конвейер детского счастья

July 14, 2010

MENNI - Конвейер детского счастьяMENNI’s Конвейер детского счастья (Abracadabra Recordings) was a joy to discover, actually the whole label was as well, though for the life of me I cannot figure out how I wandered over to their website. . Конвейер детского счастья or Conveyer’s Children Happines is MENNI’s debut album which I am happy to report that I am unable to “label”. But like the bad reviewer I am, I’ll try. There are beats, some rock, some world fusion, but then the layered sound is part experimental and part beautifully electronic. You could be tempted to call this IDM, but I believe you would be wrong. Apparently it took MENNI some two years to compose this album and those years and the detail show as this is extremely strong for a debut album. What are you waiting for, go download it now!

Artist: MENNI
Title: Конвейер детского счастья
Netlabel: Abracadabra Recordings
Release Date: 04 June 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: Visit website

Tracks 01: Конвейер детского счастья, 02. В голове, 03. В порту, 04. Вода, 05. Работа с механизмами, 06. Время меняет все6 (mp3), 07. С осторожностью глубокого сна (mp3), and 08. Море (единение) (mp3).

(Note: I debated long and hard whether to put this post up with the original Russian titles or the English translation. I decided to go with what was downloaded to my iPod.)

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