The Strait of Anain – This Wandering Winter

July 12, 2010

The Strait of Anain - This Wandering WinterWhen I started this blog a month ago, I kept on coming across two albums by The Strait of Anain that I wanted to review: Sound/Rhythm/Melody Vol. 1 (test tube) and Tape Feedback Tracks (Bump Foot). The Strait of Anain had sculpted some interesting electronic tracks, but I was trying to stay a bit more current.

While researching for my review on Peak’s So Shy, I came across Qunabu, a small Polish netlabel, that had recently released The Strait of Anain’s This Wandering Winter. Add this to the two works The Strait of Anain on his own label Relinquished Records, as well as the test tube and Bump Foot releases, that is a pretty impressive output — not Mystified output, but impressive nonetheless. This Wandering Winter is a blend of beats, samples, and electronic music plied with distortions. All in all, a very pleasing album.

Artist: The Strait of Anain
Title: This Wandering Winter
Netlabel: Qunabu
Release Date: 07 June 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: m3u

Tracks: 01. This Wandering Winter (mp3), 02. Trees growing (mp3), 03. Paint the City Gray (mp3), 04. Drops Falling on Windows (mp3), 05. Air From Alaska (mp3), 06. Ghosts in the Rain (mp3), 07. The Lovely Canal (mp3), 08. Light Reflecting (mp3), 09. Braving the Cold (mp3), 10. The Rare, Clear Sky (mp3), and 11. Snow Closures (mp3).


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