Peak – So Shy

July 9, 2010

Peak - So ShyI can’t remember when I happened upon the netlabel aquietbump, but when I did I quickly downloaded all their releases and devoured them. aquietbump is one of the netlabels any curator should try to emulate with their quality releases and almost criminally minimal release schedule. So when I heard Peak, a cofounder of the aquietbump, had released his second album in two years, I immediately downloaded it. Titled So Shy, one can’t help but draw comparisons to Peak’s debut album, So Quiet. Other than being excellent dub albums that’s where the comparison ends. While So Quiet remained close to its name, So Shy doesn’t even try to stay “shy” with it’s opening track, “Now?”, a 50’s-like-beat-dub-poem, featuring Vibesbrain. The rest returns to its “shyness” — a sublime album filled dub sounds you’d be familiar with and some experimental sounds you won’t be. I hope we won’t have to wait another 2 years for Peak’s next release.

Artist: Peak
Title: So Shy
Netlabel: aquietbump
Release Date: 05 July 2010
Download: Visit website
Listen: See below

Tracks: 01. Now? featuring Vibesbrain , 02. Shyness (Blushing version), 03. Shyness (Hiding version), 04. Red cheeks, and 05. Strange noises from the wardrobe.


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