Omyiga – Maiwea Park

July 8, 2010

Omyiga - Maiwea ParkDay after day of listening to hours of music while really not concentrating at work is fantastic. Everyone should have a job like mine. Even better is what happened when I listened to a new album from Pavillon36 Recordings. Last month, the French netlabel introduced the world to Omyiga who has scored the incredible IDM album, Maiwea Park. Omyiga, or as his parent’s would call him Hannes Ledoux, could be the best Belgian electronic artist you’ve never heard of. Okay, that last bit is probably a big fat lie, I’m sure there are plenty of Belgian electronic musicians all of us have never heard of, but that doesn’t make Omyiga any worse and it certainly doesn’t make Maiwea Park any weaker. The five track EP is exceptionally solid and enjoyable. My favorite track is “Filling the Void” which grabbed me with its crescendo-ish composition − sometimes I’m a sucker for the simpler things in life. By the way, feel free to download Omyiga’s self-released Ignorance is Bliss on

Artist: Omyiga
Title: Maiwea Park
Netlabel: Pavillon36 Recordings
Release Date: 17 June 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: Click on the mp3s below

Tracks: 01. Limbik Frequencies (mp3), 02. Waimea Park (mp3), 03. Filling The Void (mp3), 04. Logical Progression (mp3), and 05. The Perfect Year For Another End Of The World (mp3).

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