The Hyper Sonic Resonator – Blind Man’s Bluff

July 4, 2010

The Hyper Sonic Resonator - Blind Man's BluffFuck. I can’t find out shit about The Hyper Sonic Resonator, their website is apparently just a Facebook page. But what I’ve been able to deduce is that they seem to be led by Neil Wright, they are out of Birmingham, England, and they put on an amazing multi-media show. But none of that really matters, because what is important is the music. Blind Man’s Bluff (Terminalstation) is a fantastic melding of beats, loops, manipulated sounds and samples. This is one of those albums I like because I can play it for people who have more pedestrian tastes in music and they will love it. While you’re at Terminstation, you might as well download The Hyper Sonic Resonator’s 2008 release, prototype. You’ll enjoy it just as much as their latest offering.

Artist: The Hyper Sonic Resonator
Title: Blind Man’s Bluff
Netlabel: Terminalstation
Release Date: May 2010
Download mp3: rar
Listen: Click on the mp3s below

Tracks: 01. The HSR Particle Musicalizer (mp3), 02. Steptoe Spacejunk (mp3), 03. Right Inside You (mp3), 04. Panty Sniffing Pervert (mp3), and 05. Greek Tragedy (mp3).

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