Chupaconcha – Bestia Session

July 3, 2010

Chupaconcha - Bestia SessionI love the first-time feeling of hearing a new artist: no preconceived notions, just curiosity followed by acceptance and joy. And if you’re anything like me — addicted to downloading netlabel music like some are addicted to crack cocaine —, this rush of listening to new artists happens quite often like the other day when I first heard Chupaconcha. The duo of Giuliano Gius Cobelli (trumpet) and Giorgio Fausto Menossi (drums) have created a style of music they call hypnofunk — a jazz, funk and electronic hybrid. Bestia Session (51beats), by my count, is their third release, a tight and expressive 4 track production of loopy improvisations. Below is a video of Chupaconcha with some live performance shots. Oh, and BTW, if you look hard enough of the internets, you can find Chupaconcha’s Hippie Happy Hypnofunk that they released for free last year. Enjoy.

Artist: Chupaconcha
Title: Bestia Session
Netlabel: 51beats
Release Date: 18 June 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: Click on the mp3s below

Tracks: 01. Ontario (mp3) 02. Moby Strip (mp3), 03. Funk Scimmione (mp3), and 04. Bestia (mp3).

2 Responses to “Chupaconcha – Bestia Session”

  1. Michael Says:

    The concept of this blog is amazing, even though I soon got too much music to listen to…

    • displatypus Says:

      Thanks for the compliment. As far as I feel, there is never too much music to listen to. 😉

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