::vtol:: – Supplication

July 1, 2010

::vtol:: - Supplicationvtol (Dmitriy Morozov) has multiple skills: the creation of melodic noize and the building of incredible sounding synthesizers. First let me tackle his latest release, Supplication (TOP-40), which is five tracks of handmade synthesizers bending and tripping sound over each other and sometimes they’re mixed with some unpredictable vocal tracks. Take a listen to “0010” (mp3) for the twisting of sound and noize.

The other part of vtol is his creation and manufacturing of synthesizers, which he also sells. Make sure you stop by his website to see and hear his creations. Here is a video of a demo of Volfram, a noise synthesizer.

Artist: ::vtol::
Title: Supplication
Netlabel: TOP-40
Release Date: 04 June 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: Click on the mp3s below

Tracks: 01. 1000 (mp3), 02. 0100 (mp3), 03. 0010 (mp3), 04. 0001 (mp3), and 05. 0000 (mp3).

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