Microbit Project – Black Book

June 28, 2010

Microbit Project – Black BookWhen I first started thinking about writing my review of Microbit Project’s Black Book (Proc-records), I thought of this line, “I know Microbit Project mostly through his dance/techno and low-bit  music, so I was surprised to hear an extended dark ambient piece.” Trying to be a good blogger, I re-listened to much of Microbit Project’s work I had, and though it’s true the much of his work is dance and lob-bit, I did come across The Long Dark Summer Night (Bypass) which is quite similar, specifically “Part 3: Cols Rain (mp3). Black Book is an hour long dark ambient piece that drones and clicks and drones some more and maybe there are a few field recordings mixed in. Good stuff.

Artist: Microbit Project
Title: Black Book
Netlabel: Proc-records
Release Date: June 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: Not available

Track: 01. Black Book


One Response to “Microbit Project – Black Book”

  1. Eugene Says:

    Thanks For The great review!!

    Best regards!
    Evgenij (microcbit project / EugeneKha)

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