Zmitser von Holzman – A Beard Like a Bird

June 21, 2010

Zmitser von Holzman – A Beard Like a Bird“I am this guy. I am speeding alongside the Mediterranean with a young Sophia Loren by my side. My only job is life and love, both of which I am quite good at. I make more money in my sleep than you can in a life time. The ladies love me and I get to love them all back. The term jet set was made just to classify my fabulous lifestyle. I am nothing like you, though you wish to be me.”

Zmitser von Holzman‘s A Beard Like a Bird (Zimmer Records) is like listening to an acoustic guitar washed in the technicolor of the Italian seashore and an accordion soaked in Chianti. If A Beard Like A Bird doesn’t put you in the frame of mind above, there may be something quite wrong with you.

Artist: Zmitser von Holzman
Title: A Beard Like a Bird
Netlabel: Zimmer Records
Release Date: 01 January 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: m3u

Tracks: 01. trrulala (mp3), 02. olelej (mp3), 03. shshsh (mp3), 04. tut-tut (mp3), 05. o-la-la (mp3), 06. intro (mp3), 07. ladybird (mp3), 08. piano forte (mp3), 09. papa (mp3), 10. this is how i feel (mp3), 11. outro (mp3), 12. objects in the mirror are closer than they appear (mp3), 13. lighthouse (mp3), 14. 2nd floor (mp3), 15. it just slipped my mind (mp3), 16. trampampam (mp3), 17. morning breakfast evening (mp3), and 18. repetetive etude no2 live (mp3).

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