Cagey House – Do the Magnet

June 20, 2010

Cagey House – Do the MagnetCagey House‘s Do the Magnet (WeirdAndWired) opens with the line, “This train is for quiet contemplation.” It’s not. This “train” is meant for the weird, wacky and wonderful — imagine Dr. Demento writing music for Sesame Street. But don’t let the eclecticism of Cagey House be a detriment to downloading and listening to his work, it is the EXACT reason for you to download and listen to his work.

Artist: Cagey House
Title: Do the Magnet
Netlabel: WeirdAndWired
Release Date: 13 June 10
Download mp3: zip
Listen: Visit website

Tracks: 01. Smiles from B.C., 02. Therpa, 03. Detective, Doctor and Pool, 04. Several Dawns and a Dusk, 05. Camping with Jimmy, and 06. N62.

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