Jonas the Plugexpert – Ondervlak

June 14, 2010

Jonas the Plugexpert – OndervlakI love albums like these, eclectic and unknown from each sound to the next. Jonas the Plugexpert‘s Ondervlak (acroplane) is quite a joy to listen to. I am completely unfamiliar with the work of Jonas the Plugexpert, but that NEVER is a reason not to listen to an album. The artist says that this work, mainly over the last five years, is an attempt to create music under 140 beats per minute. Whatever the reason, the artist seems to display the randomness of life effectively through these 24 tracks.

Artist: Jonas the Plugexpert
Title: Ondervlak
Netlabel: acroplane
Release Date: 07 June 2010
Download mp3: zip
Listen: m3u

Tracks: 01. Neptoon (mp3), 02. Klimrek (mp3), 03. chu chu juniors day at the beach (mp3), 04. Tussendoortje (mp3), 05. Gozert (mp3), 06. Vuilisflow (mp3), 07. lop (mp3), 08. Richard, Toggi & Philips descent to the beach (mp3), 09. Schommel (mp3), 10. Drol (mp3), 11. Draadje (mp3), 12. Wip Wap (mp3), 13. Vooruitschuiver (mp3), 14. Savons (mp3), 15. Laatzittendat (mp3), 16. Eftelding (mp3), 17. Kontje (mp3), 18. Bijna (mp3), 19. lk mis je (mp3), 20. c33 (mp3), 21. Brie (mp3), 22. Bedrijf (mp3), 23. Herfstklier (mp3), 24. 7klaper (mp3), 25. Savons (Vivace Remix) (mp3), 26. Roger (Charly Linch Remix) (mp3), 27. c33 (wAgAwAgA Remix) (mp3), and 28. Schommel (Mountain Remix) (mp3).

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